How To Keep Your Pavers
Looking Like New…

Did you know the appearance of your paving or poured limestone can be permanently ruined by ugly oil and food stains?

The problem…

Brick pavers and poured limestone are made of highly porous materials.

If you don’t take action now to protect your pavers or poured limestone their appearance can be permanently ruined by oil, grease, dirt and food stains.


The solution…

S.G. Coatings can seal your pavers or poured limestone with our exclusive premium quality SG 2000 Paving and Poured Limestone Sealer.

Based on over 23 years experience SG 2000 was formulated to provide you with long lasting protection of your valuable paving.

5 reasons why you should have your pavers sealed…

  • Prevents ugly stains from ruining your pavers.
  • Your pavers are easier to clean.
  • Restores and maintains the colour of your pavers.
  • Protects your pool surround pavers or poured limestone from corrosion.
  • Protects and keeps your pavers looking like new for up to 7 years.

Warning! Not all sealers are the same…

We get many of calls from people who have ruined their pavers because the wrong type or formulation of sealer was used. We offer a choice of solvent and water based sealers.

You’ll have peace of mind in knowing the advice we give you is based on our 23 years experience and thousands of happy customers.

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