Amazing Cleaning & Sealing System 

Keeps Your Pavers Looking Like New!

 * Protect Your Pavers From Ugly Stains. Safer Water Based Sealing System. * No Solvent Fumes Around Your Home Maintains Natural Look Of Your Pavers 

        The Safer Solvent Free Sealing System For…

*Driveways    *Patios    *Pool Surrounds

Did you know the appearance of your unsealed pavers could be quickly ruined by oil, grease, food stains and highly corrosive pool chemicals?

Here’s why…
Pavers and poured limestone are made from highly porous materials.
If your pavers or poured limestone are not sealed this means their highly porous surfaces are like a dry sponge just waiting to suck in ugly oil, grease,  foods stains and highly corrosive pool chemicals. SG Coatings Sealing System will go on protecting your pavers or poured limestone for many years. SG Coatings keeps your pavers looking like new.
Don’t wait until it’s too late…
The longer you leave your pavers or poured limestone unprotected the more chance their appearance will be permanently ruined from ugly stains.
S.G. Coatings Protective Coatings System keeps your pavers looking like new. 
Here’s how it works…
Pre Clean Treatment - The surface of your pavers or poured limestone are pre-treated with a specially formulated deep penetrating cleaning solution to break down dirt, moss and other stains.
Powerful Turbo Pressure Clean - Your pavers or poured limestone are cleaned using SG Coating’s powerful Turbo Pressure Cleaning System.
Application of SG 2000 Water Based Premium Sealer – After your pavers have been cleaned that new clean look is then “locked in” with the S.G. Coatings  Water Based Protective Sealing System. This acts like an invisible protective shield that will keep your pavers or poured limestone looking like new for many years.

Here’s Why You Should Choose S.G Coatings
To Clean & Seal Your Pavers…

27 Years Experience – You will have peace of mind knowing that your job will completed to the highest professional standards with our twenty seven years proven protective coating systems.
Safer Non-Toxic Water Based Sealer - Many contractors continue to use outdated solvent based sealers because they are cheaper to buy. However, you should be aware that solvent based sealers may contain xylene a highly toxic solvent. You will have the peace of mind in knowing that our water based sealers are safe to use around your home.
Sealers Formulated To Suit Your Pavers - Some contractors may use a “one all fits all” type of sealer. The danger with this approach is that if their “one all fits all” sealer is not suited to your pavers their product may fail and you would have wasted your money.
Trained TechniciansYou’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that your job will be completed by a technician that has been trained in the preparation and application of the S.G. Coatings Protective Sealing Systems.

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